Senior Security Policy Coordinator

Geneva, Switzerland
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H (no hardship) 

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* Staff members will not normally serve in International Professional positions in the country of their nationality. In addition, in case of a first appointment upon recruitment, the assignment must be outside the staff member’s country of nationality.

In practical terms this means that you are not eligible to apply for International Professional vacancies advertised in the country where you are national of.



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November 9, 2023


Standard Job Description

Senior Security Policy Coordinator



Organizational Setting and Work Relationships

The position is under the supervision of the Head of Field Security Service (FSS) in the Division of Emergency, Security and Supply (DESS), UNHCR Headquarters.

The primary role of FSS is to strengthen a culture of security based on sound risk management practices so that the organization can deliver protection and assistance to persons of concern safely and effectively even where risks remain.

The Senior Security Policy Coordinator will provide sound guidance on UNSMS and UNHCR Security Management Policies to UNHCR Regional Bureaux, Divisions and the Field in addition to appropriately representing UNHCR on IASMN and other related interagency working groups. Equally they must have proven experience in security management to ensure that policies developed meet the needs of the UNSMS and UNHCR and the guidance afforded supports the needs of the organization.

The position requires maintaining contact with a wide variety of internal and external audiences ranging from NATO, EU, academic, national military forces, IASC and other representatives in the context of dissemination of information providing briefings presentations on UNHCR, supporting exercises to reflect UNHCR activities accurately.

The position requires the capacity and agility to be able to monitor security situations so that guidance is provided in a timely manner to support in different crisis settings, while also ensuring a person-centred approach is always applied.

The incumbent works closely with the Senior Field Security Coordinators in ensuring that field perspectives are adequately reflected in UNSMS and other UNHCR policies as well as the team within Field Security Service.

The incumbent will be required to ensure that learning and training is modified to take into account changes in the UNSMS and other practices and will be to the forefront of identifying and reviewing contents and developing delivering security training packages.

The incumbent promotes a culture that is results-oriented, efficient, and based on trust and pursues measures to ensure that inclusion, gender balance and diversity are taken into due consideration in staffing, resource allocation and representation at all levels.

Within their security role they will proactively reinforce a working environment where all personnel feel safe, heard, equipped and empowered to speak up; demonstrate no tolerance for sexism, gender inequality, discrimination of any kind, abuse of power, harassment or sexual harassment; foster ongoing dialogue on those matters; take seriously all issues of inappropriate behaviour and actions reported, whether formally or informally; and seek guidance and support as necessary to ensure that appropriate follow-up is taken, working on the basis of zero tolerance for any form of misconduct.


All UNHCR staff members are accountable to perform their duties as reflected in their job description. They do so within their delegated authorities, in line with the regulatory framework of UNHCR which includes the UN Charter, UN Staff Regulations and Rules, UNHCR Policies and Administrative Instructions as well as relevant accountability frameworks. In addition, staff members are required to discharge their responsibilities in a manner consistent with the core, functional, cross-functional and managerial competencies and UNHCR’s core values of professionalism, integrity and respect for diversity.



  • Address queries from Headquarters, regional bureau and the field on all matters related to security management policy and processes.
  • Draft policies, guidelines on security-related issues for the organization and ensures timely dissemination of UNHCR and UNSMS policies and guidelines.
  • Participate in various IASMN working groups, ensuring UNHCR’s operational perspectives are clearly articulated while ensuring sound security risk management practices are developed.
  • Affirm that operations are consistent with UNSMS security policies, identify polices that are inconsistent and address these through appropriate channels.
  • Participate in Interagency missions to determine appropriate security risk management practices and review/ contrast UNHCRs own procedures/ address shortfalls if they exist.
  • Draft, review, and contribute to all UNHCR policies and guidance to ensure security for both workforce and persons we care for are adequately addressed in line with other existing policies ensuring a person-centred approach is considered and reflected.
  • Participate as directed in internal working groups to ensure security and other activities of the Field Security Service are well represented.
  • Act as focal point on Civil Military Coordination for UNHCR, providing briefings, developing materials and ensuring others within the organization are supported to engage with various military stakeholders.
  • Drafts guidance and provides support to UNHCR offices on civil military coordination, Mine Action and programme criticality.
  • Drafts/ contributes to other documents of the organization to reflect the organisations security management approach both at a strategic and operational decision-making level and support resource requirements.
  • Develops and delivers security training and learning packages in coordination with Global Learning and development Centre.
  • Design products/projects to enhance UNHCRs knowledge and awareness of security policies and practices.
  • Supervises and provides support to personnel assigned within the unit.
  • Undertake support missions to the field, as necessary.
  • Perform as required other tasks in support of the Field Security Service to ensure that it meets the objectives of the organization and the FSS Strategy.
  • Lead risk assessments and discussions with team(s) to proactively manage risks and seize opportunities impacting objectives. Ensure that risk management principles are integrated in decision-making both at strategic and operational levels. Allocate resources for planned treatments with resource requirements in Strategic Plans. Ensure that risks are managed to acceptable levels and escalate, as needed. If a Risk Owner, designate the Risk Focal Point and certify that the annual risk review is completed and ensure that the risk register is updated during the year, as needed.
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications


Years of Experience / Degree Level

For P5 – 12 years relevant experience with Undergraduate degree; or 11 years relevant experience with Graduate degree; or 10 years relevant experience with Doctorate degree


Field(s) of Education


Business Administration;                 Political Science;                Social Science;

International Relations;                     Military;                              Police Studies;

Gender/Peace & Security;                or other relevant field;                      


Certificates and/or Licenses

*Security Mgmt Learning Program

*UN Security Analyses Pract/Proc

NEBOSH IGC Occupational Health and Safety

*Hostage Incident management

HCR Trainer and Facilitation Development Program

(Certificates and Licenses marked with an asterisk* are essential)

Relevant Job Experience



Relevant experience in security risk management. This includes experience in UN or humanitarian field operations, especially in high-risk duty stations and operational emergencies.

Applied knowledge in UNHCRs policies and practices, from a security risk management perspective.

Excellent communications, presentation and drafting skills.

Strong Collaboration skills, ability to work in teams and alone to progress objectives with minimum supervision.



Training and proven skills in emergency management, communications, protection, analysis, planning, and critical incident management, CMCoord, Mine Action, financial management.

Knowledge of French or another UN language. 

Understanding of organizational policies, procedures, structures and methods.

Project design and management skills.

Training and facilitation experience.


Functional Skills

FS-Security Risk Management;                                                  

FS-Security Analysis;                                                   

FS-Security Operation-Critical Incident Management;                                            

CO-Strategic Communication;                                                    

MG-Organisational Development;                                                       

TR-Facilitation – Virtual and face to face;           

(Functional Skills marked with an asterisk* are essential)

Language Requirements

For International Professional and Field Service jobs: Knowledge of English and UN working language of the duty station if not English.

For National Professional jobs: Knowledge of English and UN working language of the duty station if not English and local language.

For General Service jobs: Knowledge of English and/or UN working language of the duty station if not English.

Competency Requirements

All jobs at UNHCR require six core competencies and may also require managerial competencies and/or cross-functional competencies. The six core competencies are listed below.


Core Competencies



Organizational Awareness

Teamwork & Collaboration

Commitment to Continuous Learning

Client & Result Orientation


Managerial Competencies

Empowering and Building Trust

Managing Performance

Judgement and Decision Making

Strategic Planning and Vision


Managing Resources


Cross-Functional Competencies

Innovation and Creativity

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Planning and Organizing


All UNHCR workforce members must individually and collectively, contribute towards a working environment where each person feels safe, and empowered to perform their duties. This includes by demonstrating no tolerance for sexual exploitation and abuse, harassment including sexual harassment, sexism, gender inequality, discrimination, and abuse of power.

As individuals and as managers, all must be proactive in preventing and responding to inappropriate conduct, support ongoing dialogue on these matters and speaking up and seeking guidance and support from relevant UNHCR resources when these issues arise.


This is a Standard Job Description for all UNHCR jobs with this job title and grade level. The Operational Context may contain additional essential and/or desirable qualifications relating to the specific operation and/or position. Any such requirements are incorporated by reference in this Job Description and will be considered for the screening, shortlisting and selection of candidates.



Desired Candidate Profile

Diligent /detail oriented
Flexibility / pragmatic
personable and approachable
considerate and sincere

Required languages (expected Overall ability is at least B2 level):




Desired languages




Operational context

Nature of the position:

The Field Security Service (FSS), composed of a total of 9 positions, is one of the three Services of the Division of Emergency, Security and Supply (DESS), based in Geneva. The Service provides global advice, analysis and support on security and safety issues; developing policies and guidance on security aspects for the UNHCR workforce. FSS represents UNHCR in the Inter-Agency Security Management Network (IASMN) and engages continuously on a global level with the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) and other UNSMS organizations . FSS is responsible for security oversight and reviews of high-risk operations, monitors compliance with security risk management measures, and supports unanticipated security-related needs, including support in management of critical security incidents – as well as providing technical expertise on security equipment and premises security.


FSS is committed to ensuring the implementation of a person-centered approach to security (i.e. that individual risk profiles are considered in security management ) and factors this into various security learning and training programmes. It is the organizational focal point for Programme Criticality, UN Civil-Military Coordination and manages HQ building security.


FSS is on call 24/7 and the incumbent will be expected to support operations and the organization both in critical incident management and or follow-up to security events that occur after office hours or weekends. While travel is indicated as part of the ToR, it may also be at short notice in support of these activities.


Position of the P5, Senior Security Policy Coordinator, is one of the most senior Field Security positions and reports to the Head of Service. Please refer to the job description to fully understand the specifics of the job.


Additional Qualifications





Bachelor of Arts (BA): Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts (BA): Gender Studies, Bachelor of Arts (BA): International Relations, Bachelor of Arts (BA): Military, Bachelor of Arts (BA): Peace Studies, Bachelor of Arts (BA): Police Studies, Bachelor of Arts (BA): Political Science, Bachelor of Arts (BA): Security, Bachelor of Arts (BA): Social Science 


HCR Trainer and Facilitation Development Program – UNHCR, Hostage Incident Management – Other, NEBOSH IGC for Occupational Health and Safety – Other, Security Management Learning Program – Other, UN Security Analysis Pract/Proc – Other 

Work Experience


Accountability, Client & results orientation, Commitment to continuous learning, Communication, Empowering & building trust, Innovation & creativity, Judgement & decision making, Leadership, Managing performance, Managing resource, Negotiation & conflict resolution, Organizational awareness, Planning & organizing, Strategic planning & visions, Teamwork & collaboration

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