The ITU YPP is a recruitment initiative for the next generation of global ICT experts and leaders to help shape the future of the tech sector – standards, policies, regulations and recommendations. Over the course of this 2-year program, talented and qualified individuals will be exposed to understand technology, regulatory and policy issues and learn how it works in practice. Young experts will contribute to bridging the digital divide and leveraging technology for the benefit of society. The ITU YPP will support emerging talent to work across ITU’s three Sectors and the General Secretariat in HQs and the field. Our first group of Young Professionals will join ITU in early 2024.​​

Apply here.​ The deadline is 3 January 2024.

Key program features

  • Discovering tech: on-the-job learning
  • Professional experience and talent development
  • Research and innovation
  • Mentoring and learning
  • Global network


As part of this program, young professionals will learn about information and communication technologies and the role of ITU in promoting equitable, affordable, universal, innovative, and safe connectivity. The program has a combined learning format which includes practical learning and training opportunities with the ITU Academy.​

Young professionals will engage in diplomacy, policy, how to strengthen collaboration, develop partnerships, and how to reach consensus.​

Young professionals will work on assignments and initiatives on various topics from artificial intelligence, quantum, internet of things, cybersecurity, to space, future generation of networks and much more. They will learn about the potential of cross-cutting technologies, their applicability, and impact.  There are over 400 research questions discussed in Study Groups and Focus Groups at ITU. ​


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