update November 5, 2022

will the Poles continue to do Nazi experiments against me together with the Moldavians and Romanians (FSB/GRU)? of course they will continue! because the Poles can be blackmailed by the FSB and the FSB continues to help promote the Poles as well as the Romanians in their careers! The Poles have no choice because they are facing life imprisonment for corruption and espionage in favor of Russia and that is why no one will investigate these Poles and the Romanians and Moldovans will continue to pretend that they are pro-American and pro-European!
when I say that I have never worked, I am not working and I am not a member of any occult group, I have never worked for any security service neither in Romania nor in Moldova nor in any other country! that no one has the right to speak on my behalf (absolutely no one without any exception) to sign on my behalf and also no lawyer, notary and no other person is allowed to sign/speak on my behalf! whoever says he has the right to sign on my behalf is a Russian spy!
the russians recruited most of my friends and relatives and when i say no one has the right to sign no matter if it’s my sister, mother or cousin i mean no one!
if the Russians bought the Poles, you Canadians think they can’t buy my relatives or friends! I don’t have any friends in Moldova or Romania! Just like I don’t have any friends in Poland anymore. Everyone who takes bribes from the Russians is my mortal enemy and I will not stop until you are in jail! regardless of the position and the money you have in your account!
if they say that this is the plan, I tell you that there is no plan and if I go to places and there are already people bought by the Russian services, including shop assistants, I have no choice because I cannot change the location every time and if I change the location and those people will be bought because Moldovans are corrupt and when it comes to money they all react the same way!
I will inform the international community and those individuals who will violate my rights to the secrecy of correspondence will end up in prison as Russian spies no matter if you are American, Romanian, Moldovan or Polish!
it could be very easy to find out the truth and I have written countless times: put me face to face with that person who declares that he has the right to film me / sign on my behalf or speak on my behalf and everything will be very clear quick! why didn’t the Poles because they took bribes from the Russians! why didn’t the Americans put me face to face with the Romanians who said I was a Romanian spy: because they knew I wasn’t and that they would be immediately arrested! they lie whenever it suits them!
when they all realize that their scheme didn’t work: Andrei Plop is our Man and again their fantasies and then again at the first opportunity they want to close, destroy me!
when I have all the evidence about the Nazi experiments made by the Poles against me in the refugee camp, I will sue the Poles at the international court of justice (all those who took bribes from Russian intermediaries such as Romanians or Moldovans)!!!
And considering that they continue to do Nazi experiments I will demand that the international court of justice compel the Polish state to pay me moral compensations of over nine zeros and to be excluded from the United Nations organization for several years! facts of torture, rape, corruption, blackmail will also come to light!
Poles keep doing nazi experiments that I will add zeros for moral compensations!
taking into account that the Poles do not respect European and international law, I will demand that all the assets that the Poles have in the European Union (embassies, consulates, bank accounts including the money you have to receive from the European Union) be confiscated!
the deciding factor will be: that you knew you were doing nazi experiments and although we asked you to stop doing nazi experiments, you continued and are still doing nazi experiments!
update November 4, 2022
as you noticed that I share these articles every day and I will continue to share until all Poles (all without exception, – activists, politicians, intelligence services, etc.)) who collaborated with Romanians/Moldovans (all without exception, – activists, politicians, intelligence services, etc.) in 2017 during the period when I was an asylum seeker must be arrested for espionage in favor of Russia.
I have been sharing these articles for at least 3 years and since 2017 I have been continuously writing that I have never worked for any institutions in Romania or Moldova.
I am not a member of any organization, that no one has the right to record, film, speak on my behalf or my signature and any person (and when I say any person I mean everyone without exception) who says otherwise or who will follow me, must be arrested immediately for espionage in favor of Russian
The Russians are corrupting most of my friends, family members, they have discredited me and will continue to discredit me and now they just have to arrest or kill me.
Everything will end in two ways: if I am not going to be killed or imprisoned on a criminal case fabricated by these people whom I accuse of espionage in favor of Russia, they (Poles, Romanians and Moldovans) will end up on the dock at the international court of justice for crimes against humanity (including the Americans who support and defend them)
you will not have the right to say that I did not know!!!!
if you didn’t know, you should have asked me!
you knew and you didn’t ask me or you saw what I wrote on the website and on my social networks and you still didn’t ask! you will be locked up in prison!
you will lock me up or you will kill me (suicide or accident or any suspicious death or communist tactic when you have nothing to arrest him, you put him in psychiatry) anyway you will end up in prison!
everyone already knows! I still have to get the necessary information to go with a file to the international court of justice and you will end up as criminals against humanity!
considering that Nazi experiments were done in a refugee camp in Poland, they put me to sleep with unknown substances that they put in my water bottle and that I was a refugee any judge at the international court of justice would yes I win because of the cause! considering that I asked the Poles to stop Nazi experiments (please ambassadors and MEPs read the e-mail: the correspondence I sent to the Polish and US embassy accredited in Moldova!) and they continued to do Nazi experiments which continue to this day, any judge at the international court of justice will severely punish the Polish state and the perpetrators involved in Nazi crimes and corruption! No matter what justification they have: that I would be a terrorist or a spy does not give them the right to do Nazi experiments! You have proof that I’m a terrorist, put me in jail, you have proof that I’m a spy – put me in jail, and if you don’t have it, let him go! collaborating with the authorities of the state with which I hold citizenship is strictly prohibited when I request political asylum! That you took bribes from the Russians and then try to make up all kinds of crap about me being a terrorist or a spy – these are just cheap attempts to get out of jail!
All EU member states know about this case and I publicly ask you to post in newspapers, on websites, on television the evidence about the Nazi experiments made by the Poles in the refugee camp!
I need this evidence to sue the Polish state together with all its accomplices (Romanians, Moldovans, Americans).
the third option does not exist and will not exist
All #Poles (all without exception)who have collaborated with #Romanians/ #Moldovans in my file will be arrested for Espionage/corruption in favor of Russia
Also that I am in perfect health and that I am not going to commit suicide!
read about the Butmalai suicide case that I wrote in this article!

Plop Andrei: I was arrested in #Canada for the anti-communist revolution!


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Update. August 23, 2021

As I plan to enroll in a doctoral program next year, I am forced to write this article to destroy Moldovans and Romanians who were recruited by the Russians in order to destroy me.

as I mentioned earlier that I left Moldova in 2010 and for 11 years I was not in the Republic of Moldova, If in 2010 I was to stay in Moldova, I would either be imprisoned or I would work for the Russians now!  The Russians have made an enormous effort to bring me to Moldova and now they will do everything possible for me to stay in Moldova!  During all this time I left Moldova, the Russians recruited friends, colleagues from the University, including very close relatives!

How do you know they were recruited by the Russians? It is very simple! Because of the questions they ask! About some I realized that he works for Russians earlier, others later!  When I was in the 3rd year of university, the Russian ambassador came to ULIM to speak in front of the students and we being students in the specialty of International Relations, we were obliged to go to the ambassadors’ presentations!

When we waited for the ambassador to come with his presentation, I was in the middle of the hall and representatives of the Russian embassy were already in the hall!

To my right side was Dumitru, from Criuleni and he tells me: look, there are 2 employees at the Russian embassy who are photographing and filming you!

My answer for Dumitru was: They are 3, there is another one on the left side!

The next day I responded to the course given by Professor Rodica on the topic I had received a week ago about the struggles between Nazis and Communists, and I was arguing with the teacher about the battle of Kursk and how many tanks participated in this battle! I was very prepared for this topic but I was right! Mrs. Rodica is one of the best teachers I have ever had, all the students loved her! ULIM is the first university and I only have pleasant memories and I have a respect for all the professors who taught me!

After I answered all the questions! Dumitru says, Andrei tells everyone that yesterday you were filmed and photographed by 3 employees of the Russian embassy! To which I replied: yes it is true!

Another colleague, named Veaceslav, told me when I was still standing in front of the hall,
it is a mistake and you’re probably paranoid! To which I replied! I’m not the one who started the discussion about filming and photography and there are other witnesses who saw this! Maybe they are paranoid too!

After April 7, when I was hiding from the communists and the security of Moldova, security came to the University to look for me in the hall! After April 7, when I was hiding from the communists and the security of Moldova, when the communists were still in power, they came to the University to arrest me!

Security entered the hall and shouted where is Plop Andrei? This Viaceslav replied that he is not in this group and he is in another room! Everyone knew that this Viaceslav was a security bitch, which in popular language we call them STUKACH (From the common slang word stukachestvo, stukach was widely used in the Soviet period to describe “squealing,” or informing on people to the government authorities. The word is evidently derived from stuk, Russian for the sound of a hammer blow. The government, and especially the security police, in all communist-ruled or authoritarian countries, depended on informers in order to keep tabs on the loyalty of the populace.)  As most teachers were historians by profession and in Moldova most people know the attitude of historians towards Romania!  These STUKACHs had the mission of informing security about students and teachers! even though the government has changed, these security bitches have continued to work for the leadership since then!  Even so, I had a criminal case opened by the communists then, I didn’t want to have another criminal case because of a security bitch! I hate communist security bitches!

I found out about the fact that I was wanted by the security from the secretary of the faculty (Nelly) and from the dean of the faculty (Ludmila)! I found out about Viaceslav from friends in the group!

My bachelor’s thesis is about the policy of repression in the USSR during collectivization! I know and understand Russian politics very well , and if it acts very quickly in 2014 due to my analysis, Crimea would have been part of Ukraine and not Russia! ( read the whole article to understand what I’m talking about!)

Now I am in Moldova and most likely they will try to lock me up in prison, in psychiatry or accidental death in order not to allow me to leave Moldova again, I have never worked for any institution in Moldova or Romania, and I repeat for Polish and Canadian idiots, I have not worked for any institution in Moldova or Romania and I have never worked for any security institution!

I have not been to the Republic of Moldova for 11 years and the only thing that could arrest me in Moldova is the file that was opened to me by the communists for the events of April 7, 2009! If they open a criminal case for April 7, 2009, and I am imprisoned, that means I will become a political prisoner! and I have been to several countries, and my situation is known to the whole of Europe! Which the Russians will avoid doing, but will try to open an economic criminal case!  As I have not been in Moldova for 11 years and now I avoid working for any institution in Moldova they will try to ask for help from their agency in countries where I have been! For example, the Russians turn to the Georgian oligarch, who had shares in gazprom to open a criminal case against me and for that there must be an agreement between Moldova and Georgia!

Several scenarios are possible but the studies I have done and my life experience, I will do my best to avoid the pitfalls that Moldovans and Romanians will organize,  which provides services for the Russians!

How it came to this situation? the Russians simply buy them with money! Moldovans, Romanians, Poles, Canadians!

The Republic of Moldova has three problems:
1) The Putin system
2) American stupidity
3) corruption and incompetence of the Romanian authorities!

If after 20 years of American military presence in Afghanistan they have demonstrated zero analytical ability, why do you think they are more professional in Eastern Europe!

if you want to understand the incompetence of the intelligence services you must read the book “Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA: Weiner, Tim”!

how stupid they were and were fooled! Even if they have high-performance technology, they are always stupid in analysis! In Moldova the Russians have become more sophisticated and many Russian projects are funded by the Americans! Just as in Afghanistan the Americans collaborated and invested in pragmatic people and at the first opportunity these individuals left the country the same situation in Moldova, the Americans collaborate / have collaborated with pedophiles, pimps, rapists!

It seemed to me that the Poles are the only ones who understand Russia, but they also have their idiots and corrupt people. since the disintegration of the USSR, Poland’s current counterintelligence service is one of the most stupid and corrupt!

I don’t even hire them as car parkers!

In 2017 when I left Georgia for the UK, I slept one day at the airport, then the next day I went to the other airport in London and left for Aarhus in Denmark, in Denmark I slept one night in the bus station then I left by bus to Copenhagen, In Copenhagen I slept again one night in the train station! From Copenhagen I left by car Bla Bla Car to Hamburg!  And from Hamburg to Slubice I went by train (because there is a ticket promotion for one day it is very cheap)! I saw at least 20 Moldovans/ Romanians who followed me from London to Slubice!

I had two bags with me! in one there were documents, and in the other there were clothes! A Moldovan and a Romanian who were by car found me in the forest near the town of Slubice / Poland. I was very tired, I hadn’t slept 4 nights and I had to leave my bags to escape! I had to run through the forest at night to get rid of them!

If they caught me in the woods then, I was going to be buried there by Moldovans and Romanians! I ran all night to get rid of them until I reached a village!

I jumped a few wire fences, then I hid in a house with two floors which was under construction!

I found an ax and I thought that if they enter the house I will appear with the ax! As they approached the village, I heard dogs barking! I was ready to fight the Russian bitches (Moldovans / Romanians) and I slept with the ax next to me all night!

On the first day when I arrived in Warsaw, I went to the Polish counterintelligence service to ask for protection, the service is called Internal Security Agency (Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego).

I start talking about my situation but he asks me about intuition! I think I didn’t sleep for almost a week, I slept in the train stations, I ran through the forest and when I arrived this Polish idiot asked me about intuition!

If you give power to a idiot, he is a monkey with Kalashnikov!

If the Internal Security Agency (Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego) started the investigation, they would have caught the entire Russian intelligence branch in Moldova / Romania.

If I were to face these Moldovans / Romanians after two hours of questioning, Moldovan / Romanians would be arrested for espionage in favor of Russia!

But they did not do this!

I had to apply for political asylum!

If you apply for political asylum in a country, they do not have the right to give information from the country of origin where you are! Any collaboration between the country where you applied for asylum and with your country of origin is strictly forbidden! If the country in which you applied for asylum collaborates with the country where you come from, it is called espionage! The Internal Security Agency (Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego) together with the institution dealing with refugee protection started collaborating with Moldovans and Romanians who wanted to kill me! these two institutions took bribes from Moldovans and Romanians!

If they asked the questions below, Moldovans and Romanians should be arrested but they did not!

moreover, Moldovans, Poles and Romanians conducted Nazi experiments on refugees in the refugee camp!

For the crimes committed by the Poles, life imprisonment awaits them!  and the Poles understand this very well!

All Poles who collaborated with Moldovans / Romanians are now Russian bitches and they will do whatever Moldovans / Romanians say! All Poles (all, without exception) who collaborated with Moldovans / Romanians in 2017 must be dismissed and investigated for corruption and espionage  because they pose a danger to NATO!

These Poles will do whatever the Moldovans or Romanians say otherwise the prison awaits them!

These Poles are already Russian bitches and the Russians are interested in keeping them in office! To be further promoted!

The only problem of the Russians is me, and for that they will do everything possible to imprison me, psychiatry or accidental death! They will do everything possible to prove that I am a Russian, Turkish, Romanian, American spy! Just to save these Polish, Romanian, Moldovan bitches!

When I was an asylum seeker, the Poles were forced to interrogate me but they did not!

I asked the Poles to send the whole list of Moldovans and Romanians with whom they collaborated to the FBI!

I received a negative decision from the Poles!

What are the consequences of this collaboration and the negative decision I received?

-I will never come to Poland again!

– I know that I will never be able to rely on you in the fight against the Russians because you are corrupt, idiots and you are already Russian bitches!

-I will not give handshakes with Poles and I will not sit at the same table with Poles until all Polish criminals are imprisoned!

– When I have enough evidence, I will go to the International Court of Justice!

-the Moldovans / Romanians you collaborated with will also consider you stupid!

I will never surrender to the Russians!

Considering that I want to do my PhD in an Asian country, I write these things to avoid any scenario! The Russians, through the Romanians / Moldovans, bribe the foreigners and then blackmail them!

If I go to a foreign country and if you will be contacted by representatives of civil society or representatives working in institutions in Romania/Moldova and will tell you:

  • we are Andrei’s friends, I am Andrei’s sister, we are Andrei’s relatives and we are here to help him, to fight against the Russians, to help you … – please arrest them because they they are Russian spies!
  • if they try to convince you that Andrei was not referring to us but to other people – please arrest them for espionage in favor of Russia because I mean everyone, without exception! I repeat once again, I mean everyone without exception! If they try to tell you that we have arrested a suspicious person or we are here to arrest people who are following Andrei, please arrest them immediately! Please arrest everyone! Because they usually sacrifice an idiot who works for the Russians, and for that they will be promoted and the Russians want that, to put their people in leadership positions in order to obtain as much information as possible, in order to be able to carry out actions that are in favor of Russia!
  • we work for the intelligence service and Andrei works for us – please arrest them immediately for espionage in favor of Russia because I am not a spy / I have not worked for any country, I do not work and I will not work! And I am ready to pass the polygraph test in front of all NATO countries!
  • if they tell you that this was planned, this is the scenario to make it more credible – please arrest them for espionage in favor of Russia, because there is no plan
  • if they tell you that they have the right to register me, that they have signed a contract with me, that they have the right to sign on my behalf – please arrest them immediately for espionage in favor of Russia, because no one has the right to register me and no one he has no right to sign on my behalf! If someone presents my signature, that signature is false!
  • no matter what position he has, his status or the money he has, you should never forget Kim Philby! If you don’t know history, I encourage you to study it!
  • if any of these situations happen you can always call me, put me face to face with these individuals and I will help you imprison these Russian bitches for the rest of their life!
  • a link to my site will be written on my clothes or bag, and this article will always be on the first page of the site! you have no right to say I did not know!
  • free cheese exists only in traps, if you take money from Romanians / Moldovans you will be blackmailed for the rest of your life! you will become a Russian bitch and you will fulfill orders until the end of your life!
  • you have to think: if you are going to another country and you are being followed by friends, relatives / why are they doing this? especially if they have a job! In my case, some of them worked as waiters in Italy/in Moldova and the logical question: why does a person who barely earns money for his existence allow himself to follow other people in another country?-  and here appear relevant questions from the article below
  • and I think the most important thing is usually when the Russians don’t like it or when they’re caught lying they usually have an answer: that’s it was planned! that was the scenario! we wanted that! we have a scenario and we follow our plan but we can’t talk about it !- they have no plan but they are looking at what will end the actions of the person they are looking for and at last they clapped their hands and rejoiced and what do you think they say: that was the scenario!
  • if they say I’m a spy and they’re on a mission because we are ….( here are so many scenarios – if I move to a street where Is muslim family they’ll say I’m investigating that family for terrorism, or they might say I’m a terrorist, too, but usually they’ll investigate the street where I live and try to find some Russian, Iranian, Iraqi, or Afghan, Pakistani if they find Latinos they’ll try to prove something with drug trafficking, they did not have the purpose to investigate terrorists their purpose was to control every step of mine so that I would not go to the Americans! Because the Russians believe that only those Moldovans / Romanians who are already Russian spies can go to the Americans! if any Moldovan or Romanian tries to go directly to the Americans, without the Russians controlling him! The Russians will activate their entire network of spies from Moldova or Romania to discretize this person! They will make challenges so that Americans can believe it too! all these challenges will be so professional that Americans will believe!

the questions are from the article below but read the whole article!

why did you follow him? who paid you to follow him? what job did you have before you started following him? how much money did you receive and how much money do you have in your account now? who recruited you? why did you follow him and not ..? why do you avoid meeting him?




update October 22, 2022

the information that I have published in this article is current!
I am already 34 years old and I was not married, obviously not divorced! I have no children! In this article I will write about women and about the strategies of Russians to recruit girls that I want to meet or discredit me in front of these girls!
If there is a #Polish girl, a #Romanian girl or a #Moldovan girl who will tell you that I have children or that we are engaged, you should know that they are lying! I will never marry a Moldovan, Romanian or Polish woman and if SHE tell these lies it means that she was paid to say something like that or she works for intelligence!
I’m not engaged and now I don’t have a girlfriend!
even if these girls from these countries are beautiful: I will never marry a girl whose country was part of the USSR or the organization of the Warsaw Treaty!
even if some of these countries are NATO members, the Russians almost completely control the intelligence services such as the Polish or Romanian ones!
Poles, Romanians and Moldavians you will not escape from prison!!! it’s my way of protesting/ Telegram-@plopandreicom https://t.co/YGn7hRUBrQ
I am not a member of any organization, that no one has the right to record, film, speak on my behalf or my signature and any person (and when I say any person I mean everyone without exception) who says otherwise or who will follow me, must be arrested immediately for espionage in favor of Russia!
– If someone tells you that we are relatives, that we are friends or that we know each other and that he has the right to register me, to speak on my behalf, to sign, that I said so, that this is the plan, Please remember that person is a Russian spy, it doesn’t matter if he is a relative or a friend or if he will show you pictures together or if he will tell you that it is about another person and not about him and also his nationality does not matter, You should know that he is a Russian spy! because no one has my consent to register, film or sign on my behalf!
I, Plop Andrei, am not a rapist, I am not gay, I am not a terrorist, I’m not a pedophile I am not a spy, and I have never worked for any institution in Romania or Moldova. I’m not paranoid, drug addict, communist, I don’t even smoke cigarettes and those who will blame me or arrest me for some previously mentioned actions, you know that they are Russian spies! The Russians are corrupting most of my friends, family members, they have discredited me and will continue to discredit me and now they just have to arrest or kill me.

this email was sent in pdf format in the original without anything deleted with the full text to over 600 ambassadors and over 600 members of the European Parliament! ( Ambassadors accredited in Canada, Poland, Moldova, 

the documents were sent by e-mail: ceo@plopandrei.com/ contact@rubyskynews.com