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the prosecutor did not even call the managers of the Hotel Gorna Banya, the prosecutor did not question the witness and also the suspect! the prosecutor did nothing to find out the truth! but what will the ambassadors say when they watch this video! and what will the hotel administration do when they find out that their Hotel is being used to obtain visas for over 100 students in approximately 20 countries!
Corruption in the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office, a security danger for the European Union and the Schengen area and scammers from ESFAM?!




Although we started studying on October 2, 2023, the opening of the university season was October 16, 2023, and starting with October 16, October 17 and October 18, the conference was organized “Energy-climate, what ecological issues in higher education in the European area? This project is co-sponsored by AUF – Western Europe and ESFAM!
But African students were not admitted to this conference! Only European students from ESFAM participated! Everything possible was done so that the Africans did not participate in this conference! Only in the last evening were the Africans allowed to sit with us at the table!
Also, within ESFAM, a cultural evening is organized, where each country must present its country, and if any African country writes in its presentation that Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia was colonized by France, then this presentation will not pass the censorship of at ESFAM and you will have to rewrite your presentation!
Hi, My name is Andrei Plop and I am a citizen of Moldova and Romania and what I’m going to say, it’s all true and Black Lives Matter !
On June 27, 2023, I found out that I was admitted to a French-speaking university in Sofia called ESFAM for the master’s degree in Business Management and Administration! I didn’t have much information about this university, but I was happy that I was accepted to the university!
On September 11, I wrote an email to the ESFAM administration in which I wrote that on September 29 I would arrive in Sofia and if the address ( hôtel Gorna Banya 1a rue Perunika 1614) indicated in the letter for the embassy is it current or do I have to find another accommodation and on the same day I received a reply from the ESFAM administration:
Good morning
As you depend on the Ukraine and Moldova plan we have reserved accommodation for you. Contact us a few days before your trip. Yours sincerely
In the Letter for the visa application to the Bulgarian embassy in Chisinau, signed by the director of ESFAM Nicolas MAINETTI, the address of a Hotel in Bulgaria “Gorna Banya” on 1a rue Perunika, 1614 is indicated without having signed any contract with this Hotel and the managers of this Hotel, they don’t even know that their Hotel is used by ESFAM in the visa application for Bulgarian embassies from Moldova, and other 20 countries. I was supposed to present myself at the Bulgarian embassy in the Republic of Moldova, but because I am a citizen of Romania and do not need a visa, I did not present myself at the Bulgarian embassy in Moldova and in these countries alone, more than 20 requests were sent with a false address from Sofia to obtain a visa from the Bulgarian Embassy in Moldova, …..but there are reasonable suspicions that more than 120 requests for visas were sent by ESFAM with the fake address for the Bulgarian embassy.
On September 29, 2023 I arrived in the morning at Sofia hôtel Gorna Banya 1a rue Perunika 1614 and the people at the reception didn’t even know about the ESFAM students’ accommodation and for this reason I wrote to the ESFAM administration:
hello Mr. Galabov,
I’m at the Gorna Banya hotel! you can call the hotel staff to explain the situation to them! the lady at reception knows nothing and the manager will come at 9 a.m., but I don’t know if she also knows about the ESFAM students.
with esteem and respect Plop Andrei
I received a very quick reply from director Nicolas MAINETTI, in which he wrote:
Hello, the accommodation reserved for you is not at the Gorna Banya hotel… come to esfam now it is next to the hotel where you are!
Which confirms that the director knew about the false address indicated in the letter for the Bulgarian Embassies abroad and some students were warned after obtaining the visa from the Bulgarian embassies that the address indicated in the application for the Bulgarian embassies is false and that they must look for accommodation in Sofia.
Some of the Moldovan students, including myself and Ukrainians, were accommodated at the address Tsar Boris 3 street 61, 1612 Sofia, Bulgaria.
Nicolas Mainetti lied three times:
– to the students who applied for the visa, because we students did not know that this address is fake and is indicated only to obtain the visa! Students presented to the Bulgarian embassies from about 20 countries without knowing that Nicolas Mainetti indicated a false address in the invitation for the Bulgarian embassies.
– the second time Nicolas Mainetti lied to the Bulgarian authorities by indicating a false address just to obtain visas for students even if they didn’t have/ and doesn’t have a partnership / collaboration contract with Hotel Gorna Banya!
– for the fact that he used the address of Hotel Gorna Banya without having any partnership and without the students staying in this hotel, which means that Hotel Gorna Banya did not have any profit and the address of Hotel Gorna Banya was indicated to obtain visas from the Bulgarian embassies even if the administration of this hotel did not know about this fact!
When you know that a crime has occurred, you are obliged to notify the authorities, if you know that a crime has occurred and you remain silent, then this act is called: concealment of the crime, which is also provided for in the criminal code!
On November 14, 2023 I filed a criminal complaint against the director of ESFAM, Nicolas Mainetti! the evidence that I submitted to the general prosecutor’s office is enough to imprison Nicolas Mainneti!
On January 10th , Nicolas Mainetti sent me an email asking me to come to his office! I didn’t know the purpose of this meeting and I didn’t even know if he was interrogated as a suspect by the general prosecutor’s office of Bulgaria! and I also didn’t know if others were invited!
On January 10th, I wrote to the director of ESFAM that I will not participate in the meeting on January 11th because I filed a criminal complaint against the director of ESFAM, which would honestly represent a conflict of interest!
Also, the director of ESFAM summoned me to the commission on January 22, 2023 because I would not have appeared at the meeting!
The decision to create a commission on January 22, 2023 is abusive, illegal and will be considered obstruction of justice!
-The person who, having been warned about the consequences of his act: prevents, without right, the investigating body or the court from carrying out, under the law, a procedural act;
-Abuse of office, consists in the violation or non-fulfillment of official duties by an official, if this violation harms the legal interests of natural or legal persons.
Update, January 14, 2023
have you ever missed a course at university? I studied at 3 universities (ULIM – International Relations, Romanian-American University – Faculty of Law, SNSPA – Master in Conflict Analysis and Resolution) and I had absences, but the university never created a disciplinary committee to sanction me because I had absences! At ESFAM, where I have a master’s degree in a management and administration des entreprises faculty, I never missed a university course, but I did not go to a meeting with the director of the University (which was also not mandatory) and the director of the University created a disciplinary committee to be punished!
within this commission on January 22, I declared:
I will answer only to the Bulgarian prosecutor and any attempt by the commission to expel me from the University, or to be sanctioned by this commission, will be considered as obstruction of justice and complicity in the crimes committed by the director of ESFAM, which means that the people from this commission( (other than the ESFAM director) on January 22, 2024 will commit the crime: obstruction of justice and complicity in the crimes of complicity!
Since I filed a criminal complaint against Nicolas Mainetti, he, Nicolas Mainetti, created a disciplinary committee that took place on January 22 and I was sanctioned on 23.01.2024
The creation of this commission is illegal and I was sanctioned for filing a criminal complaint against Nicolas Mainetti!
today, February 12, 2024, I found out that the director of ESFAM canceled my student scholarship (250 euros) and also the amount of money that was intended for accommodation (250 euros)! I discovered that my scholarship was canceled only after other Masters students had received their scholarship in their bank account, while I received nothing in my bank account! I was not informed in advance and also, I repeat that the disciplinary committee did not decide to cancel my scholarship!
There are desperate attempts by the director of ESFAM to escape from prison and the witness!
Today I filed another criminal complaint against the director of ESFAM, Nicolas Mainetti!
he, Nicolas Mainetti canceled my scholarship in order to get rid of the witness. since I won’t receive the university scholarship and the money for accommodation, I will be forced to leave Bulgaria and thus get rid of the witness/ and of course to intimidate me!
This means that ESFAM director Nicolas Mainetti continues to obstruct justice by exceeding his powers and clearly abusing his position and by setting up commissions to intimidate me to find out information about the criminal complaint I filed!
officially, Nicolas Mainetti canceled my university scholarship because I didn’t go to a meeting with the director, which is absurd!
on November 14, 2023, I filed a criminal complaint with the general prosecutor’s office of Bulgaria and after seeing that the prosecutor did not send me a summons as a witness, nor did he interrogate the suspect, I wrote a request why I am not invited as a witness!
today I received a response from the district prosecutor’s office in Sofia: no criminal prosecution! there is only one simple explanation why I was not questioned as a witness and obviously why the suspect was not questioned: because of reasonable suspicion that the Bulgarian prosecutor Raskov would have committed acts of corruption! All the Bulgarian prosecutor Raskov had to do: send a summons to the suspect’s address with the address and the time and place where he must appear at the prosecutor’s office! be an interpreter/translator from the French language and ask the suspect:
did you sign that document? (the document that I presented to the prosecutor’s office with the signature of Nicolas Mainneti, and that this document contains false information that was intended for the Bulgarian authorities)
second question: how many such documents with false information did you send to the Bulgarian authorities? (and the answer would have been more than 100 false documents)
third question Mr. Mainneti: do you admit that you sent documents with false information to the Bulgarian authorities? (for three months, the prosecutor’s office was supposed to have all the false documents that the Bulgarian authorities received from Mainneti!
But what did the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office do: they didn’t interrogate any witnesses or suspects! there is a presumption of innocence and if Mr. Mainneti wants to sue me, then he will have to bribe Bulgarian judges too!
There are also reasonable suspicions that Nicolas Mainetti would have sent documents with false information to the ambassadors in the summer of 2022 with the same address without having any partnership or collaboration with this university and he, Nicolas Mainetti also sent more than 100 documents with false addresses to the Bulgarian ambassadors abroad in 2022!
Does this mean that in 2022 and 2023 Nicolas Mainetti sent approximately 200 invitations to the Bulgarian ambassadors and the Bulgarian authorities did not notice anything or did not want to notice?
the students who submitted an application to the Bulgarian embassy abroad (without knowing the whole truth, or that they are committing a crime without knowing about this fact)! the master’s students received a visa for 6 months and for 6 months since they are in Bulgaria, the students have to apply for a residence permit!
Now, all the students have applied to the embassy with an address from Bulgaria (which is fake) and when they go to the police at the immigration office to obtain a residence permit, most of them go with different addresses! At least that didn’t bother the Bulgarian authorities?
also the teachers informed me through the students that Nicolas Mainetti is afraid because of the criminal request submitted by me to the prosecutor’s office, and it is obvious that he is afraid! Because a person who was not afraid would not have made disciplinary commissions to sanction me or cancel my scholarship!
The majority of students from Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine admitted that if they had not received this scholarship, they would never have come to study in Bulgaria!
People coming from Africa must pay the fee for the contract which is 4000 euros, registration fees and also pay for accommodation!
I think it is necessary to write some more information about ESFAM for the people who will decide to study further or apply to ESFAM!
For the MAE Students
1) in the winter and spring exam session you will have an exam every day!
2) you must be prepared that you will start university courses at 9 in the morning and finish at 19:00 in the evening!
3) that some courses will last 120 minutes each without a break!
and for those who will study international transport, you will study a course from Monday to Thursday, and on Friday you will have to take the exam for that course! Masters students from other courses sleep during the long break in the reflection room because they have to take an exam every Friday!
I had to receive another 1250 euros, pocket money and another 1250 euros that I had to pay for accommodation! A total of 2500 euros and this my scholarship was canceled by Nicolas Mainetti!
if the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office fulfilled its duties stipulated in the criminal code and the criminal procedure code, today Nicolas Mainetti should have been arrested or at least dismissed from the position of director of ESFAM!
But because of Bulgarian corruption and the fact that Nicolas Mainetti will continue to be director, I, Plop Andrei, decided to give up the master’s program at ESFAM.
Nicolas Mainetti violated the legislation in force every time because he is not afraid of the Bulgarian justice and that is why even if I had stayed at the university and paid with my own money, I am convinced that Nicolas Mainetti would have tried to influence the teachers to I don’t have positive notes, just like when, together with other officials from ESFAM, they sanctioned me and canceled my scholarship!
Just for the fact that he created a disciplinary commission to interrogate me on the criminal case that I submitted to the general prosecutor’s office and that he sanctioned me, just for this the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office had to open a criminal case against Nicolas Mainetti!
And as a conclusion!
Corruption in the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office is a security risk for the European Union as well as for the Shenghen area!
Foreign citizens as well as Bulgarians need fair justice and for that we need a prosecutor’s office that is not corrupt!






hello, my name is Andrei Plop and this is a journalistic investigation!

I will talk about corruption, I will talk about fake documents, I will also talk about the Bulgarian authorities, how they work!

and now let’s start our investigation!

lady at the reception: what do you want? a room?

Andrei Plop: no, no, I don’t want the room! This is an invitation to the embassy from last year! but with this paper we had to go to the embassy to open the visa!

Andrei Plop: I sent a letter to the email address and explained the whole situation!

The lady at the reception: this is a document to obtain a visa!

Andrei Plop: Yes! The director wrote the address and the hotel in this invitation, but you (the hotel) have no partnership with ESFAM, he simply used your address to open visas! Do you understand?

The lady at the reception: yes, I understand!

Andrei Plop: this is what I am talking about and in principle it is illegal and I wanted to clarify this!

Receptionist: You have to talk to the manager!


Andrei Plop is talking on the phone with the manager of the Gorna Banya hotel!

Andrei Plop: I’m trying to do a journalistic investigation now! I want to prove that the director of ESFAM used your address, the address of the hotel to obtain the visa at the Bulgarian embassies, he used your address, the address of your hotel!

My question is: if you have any partnership with the director of ESFAM, Nicolas Mainetti



hotel manager: At the moment we do not have a partnership!

Plop Andrei: but did you have a partnership before?

the manager: We haven’t had a partnership for two years!

Plop Andrei: I want to inform you that he still uses the address, your Hotel, to open visas, as far as I know, he would have sent over 100 invitation letters for embassies in approximately 20 countries, and your address and hotel were indicated there