Adenauer Young Scholars for Excellence (AYSE) is a public policy training program of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Institute for International Studies and Public Policy of the Royal University of Phnom Penh. The program equips young scholars with foundational knowledge of public policy and understanding of important public policy issues in Cambodia. Besides, the program provides the fellows with better understanding of key roles of public and private organizations in contributing to policy formulation, making, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. Additionally, the programme offers the fellows insight into what impacts of public policy are on social, economic, political, and economic spheres, and what those policy impacts are measured and evaluated. Moreover, the program develops students’ leadership, research and analytical/critical-thinking skills to propose practical policy recommendations and contribute to addressing common policy-related challenges in Cambodia. This program, indeed, alsoenables the fellows to expand their networks instrumental for shaping their career goals.


  • Equip students with foundational knowledge of public policy and deep understanding of more pressing and critical public policy issues in Cambodia.
  • Enhance students’ understanding of important roles of public and private organizations in contributing to public policy formulation, policy making, policy implementation, policy monitoring, and policy appraisal or evaluation.
  • Enhance students’ understanding of meaningful impacts of those organizations on policy.
  • Enable students to meaningfully engage with public organizations and policy makers.
  • Develop students’ analytical and critical-thinking skills to address policy challenges.

Call for Application

KAS Cambodia and IISPP are calling for applications from interested candidates that meet the qualification criterias to apply for the AYSE 2024. We will select only 14 final candidates to provide exclusive and most meaningful experience.

Prospective Candidates: 

  • Must hold Cambodian nationality
  • Must be a current resident of Phnom Penh or nearby cities
  • Must be able to communicate in English, at least on a medium level; proficiency in writing skills is a plus!
  • Undergraduate’s student or Fresh Graduates from any universities in Cambodia or abroad
  • Young professionals working in any sector that demonstrated with interests in the program; however, candidate working or plan to work in the policy sector are encouraged to apply
  • Any field of studies background are welcome to apply; however, political science, international relations, economics, law, and other social science field are encouraged to apply
  • Applicant of all genders, races, and backgrounds are equally welcome to apply

Selection Process and How to Apply: 

Application Round:

  • All candidates shall submit Cover Letter (1-page maximum) combined with a Curriculum Vitae (1-page maximum) in 1 PDF File.
  • The application must be submitted to Mr. Soth Chhayheng, Program Manager, KAS Cambodia via chhayheng.soth@kas.de and Mr. Lak Chansok, Senior Lecturer, IISPP via chansok2011@gmail.com.
  • Deadline: 01st of December 2023, 5:00 PM (GMT+7)

We want to learn briefly about the candidate background and their motivation to join the program. This is an important thing that candidates should be able to convey in their cover letter. The assessment criteria for this round will be based on: 1) candidate’s motivation demonstrated in their writing, and 2) relevant background and notable achievement may be a plus but not a determining factor. Other points that also include in our assessment are: writing skills, organization, and consistency.

Interview Round:

  • Only the shortlisted candidate will be invited to the interview with a group of judging panel consisting of KAS Cambodia and IISPP’s responsible staff.
  • The interview will proceed in an average duration of 10 minutes to 15 minutes maximum.
  • The purpose of the interview is for the organizing team to learn more about the candidates, providing opportunity for exchange, and being able to make informed decisions in the final selection. We also believe that it is a chance for the candidate to learn more about the program and its organizing team to make their personal assessment whether it truly fits with their objective or not.
  • We are looking for candidates with strong commitment, creative and open mindset, engaging and participative, and having the wills to learn.

Result Announcement:

  • The top 14 finalists will be informed of the result and attachment of acceptance letter within 48 hours after the interview at the earliest and 1 week at the latest.
  • They will be given a minimum of 3 days to confirm or decline on the offers.
  • Reserved candidates will be informed and contacted only if any of the principal candidates turn down the offers.
  • The unsuccessful candidate will be informed via email within 1 week after the interview round. In case a high number of applicants received at the application round, only the shortlisted candidates will be informed of their application’s status.


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