Childhood friends as well as my sister are domiciled in Germany and they are also my mortal enemies!
I have written several times that I am ready to pass the polygraph test in front of the French and Bulgarian authorities, but I want to add that I am ready to go to court to arrest Americans, Romanians, Poles, Moldovans, Germans for espionage in favor of Russia!
I have stated several times that I am ready to pass the test in front of all NATO ambassadors and military attachés, and also if any member country of the European Union wants to find out the truth, then I am ready to go to this country to pass the polygra test as I:
I have never worked for any intelligence or information service!
that no one had the right and does not have the right to film me, to record me, or to sign on my behalf!
that I am not and have never been a member of Freemasonry and I have not received an invitation either!
that I am not a member of any NGO or political party!
But the Americans are not interested in finding out the truth because they will be in prison for the rest of their lives, because after the investigations they will learn about Polish corruption and espionage in favor of Russia, to which the Nazi experiments from the Denbak, Poland refugee camp are also added!
The FSB network from Moldova and Romania will try to get in touch with the colleagues that I will study, (although I am almost certain that the FSB network from Romania and Moldova have already started attempts to recruit them) will try to intervene through the activists who are members of an international organization and intelligence services from Romania, or America will try to get in touch with the Bulgarian intelligence services and will look for all kinds of pretexts to collaborate in order to be aware of my every step).
Any person, no matter if he is an undercover activist, or works for the American or Romanian intelligence services, will come with one goal: to destroy me financially, to destroy me morally and physically if possible and first of all not to graduate from the master’s program!
for example, when I was in Canada, the Canadian services together with the Romanian ones offered them money and a positive answer to the refugee status if they would collaborate with the Canadian authorities, namely to ask me provocative questions, or in very dangerous situations for me! There are dozens of cases and because of this I had to change foreign language schools very often, but when I went to a new school, the same thing started as at the previous one!
I am sure that they will try to bribe my colleagues and that is why I am writing this text also for the colleagues with whom I will study in Bulgaria!
Do not accept money (which is a bribe for espionage) or become members of international organizations from Moldovans, Romanians, Americans or Germans who have a very good reputation! Because once you become members of these organizations, you will become part of the FSB network in these countries!
Why are the Americans afraid that I will pass the polygraph test? I have written several times, but I will write as many times as necessary! Because they are afraid of finding out the truth! That I, Plop Andrei, have never worked for the intelligence service, that I was not and am not a member of Freemasonry, and that no one had the right and will not have the right to film me, to record me, to sign on my behalf ! And when I say nobody, that means nobody! Like everyone without exception!
my message is very clear: I believe that the French and Bulgarian authorities must collaborate and any other institution or activists or people from the intelligence such as the one from Romania, Germany, Moldova, Poland or America must be sent for a walk! Because I am ready to prove it through the polygraph test and I am ready to testify before a Bulgarian judge against this FSB network!
and colleagues should not be misled, for any attempt to bribe you, you can check by asking them: let’s talk to ANDrei Plop via video conference to find out if it’s a game or not, or if that’s the plan and see how they will try to avoid talking to me and will find all kinds of excuses!
Because the Americans and the Poles still want to receive bribes from the Russians and to be further promoted with the help of the Russians, and they are also waiting for me to be arrested until September 28!