Update, August 17, 2023
Why does the FSB network from Moldova, Romania, Poland and the USA continue to follow me?
Why aren’t they fired from their jobs and arrested for espionage in favor of Russia?
Because they enjoy support from the FSB network in Moldova and because with the help of the Russians they were promoted in their careers and became very rich!
And some of them don’t want to stop following me because they know that without me they have no future, namely they won’t be promoted anymore and they won’t earn us a lot of money!
The FSB network is looking for ways to lock me in prison, in psychiatry or to kill me because they have no alternative ways to close my mouth! Because I know from the moment that her people will attack me physically, I will not stop until I shut them down and it is true because I will not be silent and I will speak very loudly and if they attack me, they have to kill me because I will go to the end!
they are ready to kill me but I am also ready to kill them if they attack me at my home! let’s start with the fact that I have a two-meter fence and if they jump over that fence, it means that they have come to liquidate me and you all know that those who work for the Russians are professional and well-trained killers and therefore they will have to be liquidated if they want me attack!
But they, the FSB network will proceed as in Poland, for example when I was at the hotel, through the Ukrainians, Moldovans, Poles, they put harmful substances in the washing machine so that it was so unbearable to wear those clothes or shoes!
They only acted when I was sleeping or they act from a distance because they are afraid of me!
The FSB network from Moldova, Romania, Poland and the USA who have made their careers will not stop following because they are waiters, hairdressers, cooks or other professions and they are afraid to go back to where they started! Because of this they continue to follow me and they are afraid that I will pass the polygraph test because they will all find out that I have never worked for any intelligence service and that they are waiting for life in prison! Russians recruited them for only one purpose: to destroys me financially, morally and to have no perspective in my career and the Russians want to promote them further so that they will be useful to them in the present and in the future to occupy the highest possible positions both in Moldova and in Poland, Romania or US!
they, the FSB network from Romania, Poland, Moldova and the USA will try to bribe the colleges with which I will study, offering them money and positions in secret organizations! if I try to meet a girl, they will try to bribe her, and also flirt with her!
(to make love with her) it’s enough that they have a lot of money!
Let’s not forget the FSB network in Germany! They are very active and will try to infiltrate/buy the students studying at francophone universities!
Read in my first book about the friends recruited by the FSB network! Thedy are my mortal enemies, including some relatives, even my sister, Olesea!
I am sure that the FSB network will intervene to save the agency until September 28!
I will share these articles every day and I will wear clothes with the links to my sites written on them!
What happened in Poland and Canada could not be repeated in Bulgaria!
I have a contempt for Canadians for their cowardice and corruption! Will the Canadians also intervene? dear Canadians: did you also manage to recruit a couple of Moldovans from the entire FSB network who followed me in Canada? Because that’s how it’s written in the documents and I know that you actually took a bribe and you like Moldovans and easy money and may you continue to be promoted!
The FSB network will not have another chance to arrest me and because of this they will do everything possible to arrest me until September 28!
To continue in Bulgaria what happened in Canada and Poland will be more difficult! This is why I share these articles every day! That the FSB network from Moldova, Romania, Poland and the USA should not be further promoted so that they do not become even stronger and richer! And as usual, when I refer to the FSB network in Poland, I mean all the Poles (politicians, activists, police officers, civil servants and those from the intelligence services – all without exception) who collaborated with Romanians and Moldovans (all without no exception) during the period when I was an asylum seeker in Poland in 2017!
To beat me and torture me like the person who is very close to me or to debate all the teeth in my mouth they will not succeed!
Why do Poles and Romanians continue to defend these Moldovan rapists? Because they are part of the Russian agency in Moldova, Romania, Poland and the USA!
I am not a member of any organization, that no one has the right to record, film, speak on my behalf or my signature and any person (and when I say any person I mean everyone without exception) who says otherwise or who will follow me, must be arrested immediately for espionage in favor of Russia!
– If someone tells you that we are relatives, that we are friends or that we know each other and that he has the right to register me, to speak on my behalf, to sign, that I said so, that this is the plan, Please remember that person is a Russian spy, it doesn’t matter if he is a relative or a friend or if he will show you pictures together or if he will tell you that it is about another person and not about him and also his nationality does not matter, You should know that he is a Russian spy! because no one has my consent to register, film or sign on my behalf!
I, Plop Andrei, am not a rapist, I am not gay, I am not a terrorist, I’m not a pedophile I am not a spy, and I have never worked for any institution in Romania or Moldova. I’m not paranoid, drug addict, communist, I don’t even smoke cigarettes and those who will blame me or arrest me for some previously mentioned actions, you know that they are Russian spies! The Russians are corrupting most of my friends, family members, they have discredited me and will continue to discredit me and now they just have to arrest or kill me.