Andrei Plop – the use of international non-governmental organizations by the KGB/FSB!
no one has ever had the right to film me or record me or sign on my behalf or speak on my behalf!
also I did not call anyone in Poland in 2017 or in Canada between December 2017 and 2021! all the people who followed me in Georgia, Poland, Canada are part of the FSB network (all without exception) as well as those people from Moldova or Romania (all without exception) who will follow me in Bulgaria are all part of the FSB network!
also I have never worked for any intelligence service and when I say never I also mean the Romanian services! I am also ready to pass the polygraph test in any EU or NATO member country except Poland, Turkey and Romania!
any person who follows a refugee, for example I, a citizen of Moldova, applied for political asylum in Poland and another person named IGOR, who is also from Moldova, follows me in Poland, this activity of Igor’s is called espionage and obviously the Polish counterintelligence services must take a stand and arrest Igor and all those who follow me for espionage and I must receive refugee status! what did the Poles do? they collaborated with this Igor, they allowed him to follow me, they allowed him to earn money and the Poles received bribes, only there is a problem – Igor is part of the FSB network in Moldova, and this Igor beats a person very close to me (she is related to me from Moldova), she grinds her teeth and tortures this Moldovan woman, and the Poles are complicit in these tortures and continue to protect Igor! The Poles are doing Nazi experiments on refugees from the refugee camps in Poland, and Igor is also participating in these Nazi experiments against refugees! The Poles still support Igor even though they know he is a rapist, but they support Igor, he is part of the FSB network in Moldova, and the Poles who support Igor are part of the FSB network in Poland! obviously, in this collaboration between the fsb network from Poland and Moldova, the FSB network from Romania also participates! The Americans were promoted in their careers with the help of the Russians through the disinformation they received from the Russians, and the Americans are also those people who are afraid that I will pass the polygraph test because they will all find out that I never worked for any intelligence service, that no one had or has the right to film or record me! the FSB network from Moldova and Romania and Poland and the USA want to follow me in Bulgaria and for that they will invent all kinds of lies and pretexts to follow me in Bulgaria too! they will say that this is the plan, that I am a Romanian spy, that I work for Romania, that they have the right to film and record me! but what will they do, the FSB network – they will record me, and publish this information on communication channels – it’s open espionage! once they publish this information on communication channels – the Russians will know exactly my every step! they will send another Russian to challenge me and this challenge will be filmed by the FSB network from Moldova and Romania and Poland and the USA! also the publication of information about me also has the purpose of humiliating me, denigrating me and they, the FSB network, will also earn more money and will continue to be promoted by Russian’s!