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I received the second negative decision today!
Congratulations to the FSB, you won! you f*cked Canadians right on their territory!
As I mentioned, the Canadians did their best not to be heard in front of the commission because they took bribes from the Russians through Romanian / Moldovan intermediaries! They gave me the second negative decision without speaking in front of the commission!
Passports are both expired! And all I have to do is leave Canada!
I'm going back to Moldova!
February 24, 2021
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When you receive second negative decision and all the passports are expired, this means that you have to leave the country. One passport expired in 2016 and the other in 2018!
When you do not have a valid document, you have to go to the embassy whose citizens you hold. All people in all countries around the world who work in immigration know this! And the picture in the emergency travel document is an older one! I have no reason to smile now!
I said the same thing in 2019 in front of the commission when I was heard.
As in case I receive a negative, I will have to go to the embassy to issue an emergency travel document.
with emergency travel document you cannot travel to another country, with this document you can only return to your home country.
Do Canadians know what will happen to me when I return to Moldova?
Of course they know!
Because in December 2017, the Canadian police imprisoned me for 10 days because of the criminal case that the communists opened against me in 2009.
From January 2018 until now I am under judicial control in Canada because of the criminal case that was opened to me by the communists.
But why are they sending me to jail!
Because they took bribes Moldovans / Romanians who work for FSB!
Canadians do not understand when I write to them not to collaborate with any person from Romania / Moldova (whether it is a sister, friend, relative or working at institutes in Moldova or Romania) who came to Canada to analyze my file. Well, Canadians do not understand when I say all Romanians / Moldovans, without exception. And the most important thing is that I said them and wrote them! Canadians don't understand when I write to them: that all (Romanians / Moldovans, without exception) were paid / recruited by the Russians to come to Canada and that I will not receive documents and to get to Russians.
I haven't been to Moldova for 11 years! I resisted as long as I could! But because of the corruption and incompetence of Canadians, I have to return to Moldova!
March 30, 2021
As I wrote earlier, in December 2017 I was arrested at Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport for 10 days because of the criminal case that the communists opened against me in 2009.
And the person who interrogated me and because of whom I was imprisoned for 10 days and was under judicial control from January 2018 until now is Eric Cournoyer. When I arrived in Canada from Iceland, I had not slept for 3 days, I was very tired and Eric Cournoyer had started to question me in front of all the tourists.
Open this link to read about the interrogation and the example with Navalny.
After I received the first negative decision I received from the CBSA itinerary requirements.
I appealed that decision, but it was dissmised Without being heard.
As the passports expired and the appeal was dismissed, I am forced to leave Canada, otherwise my stay in Canada will be illegal, and the steps that would have followed: I would have been arrested, imprisoned and I would have been imprisoned in Canada for 3 months until I was deported by the CBSA.
How do I know this procedure? Because of those 10 days I was imprisoned in Canada in December 2017!
All immigrants who were imprisoned went through this procedure!
The CBSA office in charge of my deportation is located at 1010 Saint-Antoine Street West, 2nd floor, Montreal, QC, H3C 1B2.
In this case, there are only two solutions: Either go to the embassy to receive an ermegency travel document to return to your country of origin or to be imprisoned for 3 months in Canada and then deported with handcuffs. What would you do in this situation?
Guess who is the person who was selected by the CBSA to handle my deportation? The same person who put me in jail for 10 days: Eric Cournoyer!
I want to remind you that in December 2017 that person worked at Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and now works at 1010 Saint-Antoine Street West, 2nd floor, Montreal.
The distance between the airport and the CBSA office on Saint-Antoine Street is 17 km. Do you think it's a coincidence?
No, he was selected to f*ck me (legally with documents)!
What awaits me in Moldova I have already written! Open this link to read the whole article!
I will never forget those 10 days I was imprisoned!
I also understood that Moldova will never be a member of NATO or a member of the European Union!
Why? Because of the corruption and incompetence of those in the West!
If they don't believe in their own values, why should I fight for those values!

April 9, 2021
thank you to the ambassadors and friends from abroad!