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Nu sunt membru PAS, nu am fost membru PAS și niciodată nu voi deveni membru PAS! Am susținut blocul ACUM pînă în momentul în care și-au încălcat propriile promisiuni! Este un articol mai vechi, publicat pe 19 octombrie 2019 iar articolele care le publicam pe vechiul blog adunau mii de share/like-uri! Eram în topul bloggerilor din Moldova, (
Te cerți cu oamenii susținându-i și când își încalcă promisiunile rămâi într-o situație destul de penibilă!
De fiecare dată crezi că poate aceștia vor fi diferiți însă cum ajung la conducere se comportă la fel!
Dacă după 100 de zile de la alegeri ești mulțumit de alegerea făcută, asta înseamnă că nu te-ai prezentat la alegeri iar eu sunt foarte mulțumit de alegerea făcută!
Pentru cei care nu sunt la curent nu am fost niciodată membru și niciodată nu am susținut și nici nu voi susține pe PD(Plaha), Shor, sau PSRM!
sometimes I think I have to share this article every day but this article is pinned anyway on the facebook profile and on the facebook page!
read this 35-page article on my website or you can download it from the telegram profile!
Good luck!!!!!!!

On the first day when I arrived in Warsaw, I went to the Polish counterintelligence service to ask for protection, the service is called Internal Security Agency (Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego).

I start talking about my situation but he asks me about intuition! I think I didn’t sleep for almost a week, I slept in the train stations, I ran through the forest and when I arrived this Polish idiot asked me about intuition!

If you give power to a idiot, he is a monkey with Kalashnikov!

If the Internal Security Agency (Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego) started the investigation, they would have caught the entire Russian intelligence branch in Moldova / Romania.

If I were to face these Moldovans / Romanians after two hours of questioning, Moldovan / Romanians would be arrested for espionage in favor of Russia!
the questions are from the article below but read the whole article!

why did you follow him? who paid you to follow him? what job did you have before you started following him? how much money did you receive and how much money do you have in your account now? who recruited you? why did you follow him and not ..? why do you avoid meeting him?

But they did not do this!

I had to apply for political asylum!

If you apply for political asylum in a country, they do not have the right to give information from the country of origin where you are! Any collaboration between the country where you applied for asylum and with your country of origin is strictly forbidden! If the country in which you applied for asylum collaborates with the country where you come from, it is called espionage! The Internal Security Agency (Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego) together with the institution dealing with refugee protection started collaborating with Moldovans and Romanians who wanted to kill me! these two institutions took bribes from Moldovans and Romanians!

If they asked the questions below, Moldovans and Romanians should be arrested but they did not!

moreover, Moldovans, Poles and Romanians conducted Nazi experiments on refugees in the refugee camp!

For the crimes committed by the Poles, life imprisonment awaits them! and the Poles understand this very well!

All Poles who collaborated with Moldovans / Romanians are now Russian bitches and they will do whatever Moldovans / Romanians say! All Poles (all, without exception) who collaborated with Moldovans / Romanians in 2017 must be dismissed and investigated for corruption and espionage because they pose a danger to NATO!

These Poles will do whatever the Moldovans or Romanians say otherwise the prison awaits them!

These Poles are already Russian bitches and the Russians are interested in keeping them in office! To be further promoted!

The only problem of the Russians is me, and for that they will do everything possible to imprison me, psychiatry or accidental death! They will do everything possible to prove that I am a Russian, Turkish, Romanian, American spy! Just to save these Polish, Romanian, Moldovan bitches!

When I was an asylum seeker, the Poles were forced to interrogate me but they did not!

I asked the Poles to send the whole list of Moldovans and Romanians with whom they collaborated to the FBI!

I received a negative decision from the Poles!
Forwarded from PlopAndreiCom (Andrei Plop)
Plop Andrei PDF.pdf
6.7 MB
update, January 8, 2022
How not to turn from a useful idiot into a Russian prostitute!
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